Warren Rustand is in a league of his own, who sets the high-water mark in every facet of his life. As a family-man, person, entrepreneur, or mentor his leadership principles and teachings in each of these areas are guiding lights for us to follow to achieve our goals and live a purposeful life. These principles are not theoretical or academic, but practical teachings drawn from his own life experiences, learnings, and practices. Coupled with his masterful storytelling and anchored by his humility and compassion, they give Warren the superpower of positively impacting people’s lives across cultures and nationalities. They have certainly transformed my life.

Mazen Omair, Founder & CEO, Momair Trading LLC

Both subtle and accessible, Warren’s teachings offer keys to creating more successful outcomes in each of our personal, family, business and community lives. They help answer questions we may all be asking ourselves. Warren Rustand has guided me and many others to challenge conventional thinking on how to move through the world, sharing simple and sensible ideas for the incremental shifts that have proved rewarding.

Alison Diboll, CEO, Gabriella Rossetti

How have I described Warren Rustand over the many decades we have been friends? As a Human Centrifuge! He has a global galaxy of diverse friendships for starters; then adds his art of listening with a wonderful capacity to recall and that is a great baseline. Then he spins it all together and voila—he gives you the simplest common denominator for your specific situation. Truly unique.

Bill Nicholson, CEO

Of the amazing influences that I have been blessed with in my life, Warren Rustand has stood alone as the single greatest example of a man whose purpose for being is lived out at every moment with every breath he takes. Warren has coupled great intention with principles that he has honed over 50 years and utilizes them every day with the published purpose of “uplifting others wherever he can.” My life has forever been altered in amazing and positive ways through his example and through our friendship. Warren’s legacy will include his teachings where he has unwrapped a large part of the secret DaVinci code of the key principles for leadership.

Ben Richter, CEO, Bradford Airport Logistics

I had the opportunity to work closely with Warren at the EO Leadership Academy where he taught and shared his principles and applications of leadership. Warren’s tools are simple, effective and will change your life and set you on the path of living a life by design. Thank you, Warren, for your friendship and gift of leadership.

George Gan, Founder, Silicon & Sand

Warren's teachings are the blueprint of how he lives his life and the principles he has embodied for many years. We have learned much from Warren as a mentor and friend both individually and as a couple, as he consistently encouraged us to push past our limiting beliefs and discover new heights.

Jamie and Katty Douraghy, Cofounders of Life Work Integration

Warren Rustand, the man, his words, his philosophy of life and leadership have changed my life in profound ways. I have never met anyone who lives his truth more than Warren does. In getting to know Warren and observing his style of servant leadership, I came to develop my own. As I learned at his side, I began to use his principles to develop myself. I learned that when I was a leader who led with clarity of vision, certainty of intent, and with the power of my values as my north star, I would be most influential and would be in the best position to support and lift those around me. Warren's teachings, his words and principles will change your life if you commit to them, live a life of purpose, and act with intent.

Andrea Herrera, Founder, Amazing Edibles Catering and Boxperience, Global Leader, Entrepreneurs Organization

More than anyone I have ever met, Warren Rustand has helped countless others to clarify what they want most, to live and lead according to their values and to elevate expectations both for themselves and those they lead. His impact on an entire generation of future leaders is immeasurable.

Bob Glazer, CEO of Acceleration Partners and Bestselling Author of Elevate and Friday Forward

Warren's teachings are the blueprint of how he lives his life and the principles he has embodied for many years. We have learned much from Warren as a mentor and friend both individually and as a couple, as he consistently encouraged us to push past our limiting beliefs and discover new heights.

Jamie and Katty Douraghy, Cofounders of Life Work Integration

I have known Warren Rustand for more than 20 years in my roles as the CEO of two international not-for-profit associations. During that time, he has been an inspirational and aspirational leader, espousing these leadership principles and positively impacting the lives of literally thousands of global business leaders through events, writings, and personal interactions. I have incorporated these principles to help me become a better business leader, a better husband and father, and a better person.

Bob Strade, Former CEO of the World Presidents’ Organization, and former CEO of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization

When Warren speaks, we all listen. And we should. I have personally been encouraged and awed by Warren's dedication to always bringing his best energy to the time that he has. He has blessed thousands of leaders across the globe in his live presentations and I know his teachings will continue to expand his kindness and wisdom for many generations to come.

Heidi Hanna, New York Times Best Selling Author

One of the hardest parts of entrepreneurship is defining success and knowing when I've done enough. Warren Rustand has helped me realize that I find it when I reach slightly beyond my competence, stretch just past my limits, and strive outside of my comfort zone, with a sense of joy and adventure every day, and do so as a father, a husband, a community member, and a leader. I feel I'm redefining my potential and testing my outer limits every single day.

Jeff Neufeld, CEO, Neuhoff Capital

One can live life by accident, or by design. Warren Rustand is one of the most purposeful people I know. The proven tools Warren shares to help people have the life they want, he has lived by. He has greatly impacted my life for the better. Warren Rustand has been a critical mentor in my leadership journey. His foundational principals of Clarity of Vision, Certainty of Intent and Power of Values have transformed me as a leader and allowed me to be a vessel of change. His foundational principals for leadership have helped me to fully embrace living a life dedicated to a cause greater than myself. Many years ago, Warren Rustand helped me to understand that my state of mind, determines my future. Since then, I no longer live my life by accident. I live a life of meaning and integrity...by design.

Brian Brault, EO Global Chair 2017-18, Entrepreneur, Leader, Teacher

Warren Rustand is one of the most accomplished and impressive people I know. But that’s not what makes him a great human being. He could just focus on building his businesses and creating maximum financial success for himself. Instead, he chooses to give an unimaginable amount of his time to mentor and guide people. It is impossible to overstate Warren’s impact on literally thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide, including me. Warren is a model for how I want to live my life. He is wise, thoughtful, and eloquent. He lives his life with intention. He has a way of immediately focusing in on the right thing to do in any situation. Whenever I find myself procrastinating or not wanting to do something, I think of how disciplined Warren is, and I am inspired to pick myself up and make forward progress. Whenever I find myself stuck in any way, I ask, “What would Warren do?” and the path becomes clear.

Kirsten Dermer, CEO

I have been a friend and associate of Warren Rustand for thirty-five years. His sphere of influence, experience and relationships is immense. During my time with him, I have seen him apply the principles and concepts he espouses every day in his personal and professional life. His personhood, constancy in purpose and attitude to everyone he knows continues to be a source of inspiration to me. I’ve spent many hours seeking and receiving advice from Warren on a wide range of issues and day to day challenges. I always come away from those conversations convinced I can be better and with work become anything I desire to be. He has always treated me as I can become, not as I was nor what I might be today. That propels me.

Jay Stallings, CEO of Banner Washakie Medical Center

When I face a difficult challenge, I often write W.W.W.D. at the top of a page in my journal - “What Would Warren Do?” I have known Warren for over a decade and worked closely with him for the last 5 years. Before I met Warren, I believed that to be a successful business leader you had to make sacrifices in your family and personal life. Warren taught me to get clear about who and what is important. Warren’s influence helps me focus on what is important. Warren encouraged me to stop comparing myself to others, and to focus on becoming a better version of myself. In my talks and lectures, I quote Warren on a daily basis. I love Warren because not only does he know this leadership stuff, he really lives this stuff.

Connor Neil, Professor of Leadership at IESE Business School, President, Spain of Vistage

To lead anyone or anything with greatness and soul, one must first master leading themselves. This mastery requires a steadfast commitment to the intentionality of one’s personal, family, business and community life. Warren Rustand is quite simply a true leadership expert. His thinking, saying, being and doing is an exemplar that sets the high-water mark and provides the evidence of the positive and productive impact one person can make on tens of thousands of people and how that can affect the many generations thereafter. Warren’s habits, practices, stories and sage perspective provide an inspiring and pragmatic path toward achieving your highest and best self. Warren is simply the wisest and kindest of leaders and mentors that I’ve ever known.

Kristina Scala, Founder & President, Aspen Academy Future Holders MODI

Without question, Warren’s instruction has had an immensely positive impact during both my life’s gratifying highlights and its serious challenges. As I applied his foundational leadership principles, I came to realize their enduring value provided the clarity and discipline that I really needed not only to survive, but also to thrive in all circumstances. In addition, Warren’s principles provided me with the ability to identify my true intent, and accordingly, to execute difficult but essential business/personal decisions. Warren’s concept of engagement in a greater cause, which for me has become one of the most important principles of application for happiness and gratitude in my life.

Mary Leonida, CEO, Regional Consulting Firm

Warren brings a uniquely informed perspective to the topic of leadership, one that is highly principled and values-driven, and grounded in a philosophy of respect for the individual and empowerment in terms of professional, personal, and spiritual growth. In his wealth of life experiences to date, he has demonstrated an unceasing ability to declutter the exercise of leadership in a way that applies seamlessly to groups of all sizes and orientation - familial, organizational, community, governmental, etc. - and resonates easily and logically on an entirely personal level. I have learned much from his guidance and good counsel over the years.

Peter Reikes, Vice Chairman, Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc.

Warren Rustand is one of those rare and remarkable beings, akin to Master Yoda. He has a masterful ability to convey the principles he teaches, which are genuinely transformational, directs others to a path where they can attain self-actualization, and evolve to a level of transcendence. Warren’s teachings are saturated with practical wisdom derived from his life experiences and God-given wisdom. Warren is a mentor to mentors, a blessing to all whose lives he touches, and my dear friend.

Lysset Butler, Vice President, Summit Capital

To witness Warren’s leadership and presence in action, it is clear that he is guided by a deep sense of purpose and conviction to a values-driven path. Many of us who know him well have been inspired to radically show up better in our own families, companies, communities and faiths. I know that I have.

Dr. Malik Muhammad, Founder & CEO, Akoben LLC & Transforming Lives Inc.

Warren Rustand is the most humble, generous and selfless leader I know. With all that he has accomplished and experienced in life, he could have chosen, like so many others have done before him, to pursue the highest levels of celebrity and fame in any area he desired. Instead, he chose a unique path of leadership through serving others so that they may benefit from his experiences and be empowered to achieve their life goals, identify and live by their values and uplift others to do the same. Warren is generous in sharing his knowledge of how he achieved a successful life based on simple and practical methods with those who want to achieve the same. The impact of Warren’s “Principles of Leadership” has been profound on me both personally and professionally.

Rana A. Batterjee, Au.D., Vice President, Momair Trading LLC

I consider Warren Rustand to be a second father to me that has provided invaluable guidance into leadership, excellence, family values, purpose, goals, and vision. Rarely do you come across a man that loves you unconditionally, inspires you to be your best self and teaches you to live a life you always dreamed of having. There is no better resource to take you to the next level than Warren.

Marc Rousso, CEO, JayMarc Homes

Exposure to Warren’s Foundational Principles of Leadership has sparked dormant values systems alive in my being; they were always there, but needed a name, a reminder, a grounding. Warren’s teachings have been consciously authored from a life of servant leadership, and then condensed down and organized into a practical toolset for everyday use. As an entrepreneur, a wife, and a mom of 5, Warren’s teachings have transformed my effectiveness and intentionally in each moment. There are not enough “thank you’s.” I am so grateful.

MacKenzie Richter, Mother to 5

If you want to practice leadership based on virtue – listen to Warren. If you want to lead on unity - listen to Warren. If you want to serve the world and not just a few - listen to Warren. He holds years of experience of leading and teaching entrepreneurs in any part of the world, with any culture and background. He holds the principles to build a world leader from ground zero.

Natalia Matveeva, CEO, Probiovita

Warren Rustand is one of the finest people I know. He also possesses something that has become quite rare in this world: WISDOM. Listen to what he says, apply it - with intent - to your life, and good things will come your way. It’s as simple as that.

Matthew Reilly, International Bestselling Author

You have been a visionary to me. I’ve lived my life with principle and purpose but hearing the concepts from you gave me clarity and enabled me to focus. Every conversation we have or talk you give causes me to focus and recommit to those principles. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your friendship.

Paul Robshaw, Chairman & CEO, AIC Ventures

I have known Warren for over 30 years. We served on the Global Board of Directors for the World Presidents Organization and I watched him lead as he served as the Global Chair of WPO. We also served on the Board of TLC Vision, where Warren was Chair, which is the world’s largest Lasik eye surgery company. During our time serving together, I observed Warren practicing the very principles of leadership which he has taught about. These principles, when applied consistently, increase the opportunities for success for the individual and the organization. I have a personal testimony of the worth of these leadership principles as I have applied them myself and they have greatly assisted me in my successful leadership journey.

Toby Wilt, Entrepreneur

I have had the privilege of knowing Warren for a decade now. I have personally witnessed the impeccable quality of his character and transformational leadership style, and because of that, Warren has been an extraordinary force for good in my life.

Reza Bavar, CEO & Founder, Kaloud, Inc.

Essential traits. One must not only possess, but constantly exhibit and demonstrate.

Olden Lee

Warren Rustand has spent a lifetime guiding and mentoring men and women across the world. Having known him since college in the mid-1960s through athletics and business, I’ve greatly admired and respected his equanimity and compassion. Warren’s codes of logical discipline and attitude are proven ways that benefit not only you, your family, and your profession, but ultimately humanity and the world. The values set forth here are true keys to lasting success and happiness which come as a gift from Warren to yourself through his lifetime of experiences.

Terry Dewald, Author, Former Professional Athlete, Art Dealer, Appraiser

I have known Warren Rustand since 1966. He had just finished his basketball career from the University of Arizona and the Golden State Warriors. He was my brother’s basketball coach for the basketball team at the University of Arizona. His wife was classmates with my sister at West Phoenix High School. Since I first met him our paths have crossed a number of times, including business, religious, and many personal interactions. I have known him to be an upstanding, honest, and trustworthy human being. His involvement with community, family, and church leaves not much to be desired. I value his friendship and guidance and hope to be associated with him for the rest of the game.

Pat Manley, Founder & Owner, Johnson-Manley Lumber Company

It is with great pleasure that I get to share, some of my thoughts and feelings about an amazing man - Warren Rustand. Over the past 36 years, I have been very fortunate to have Warren in my life as a life coach, mentor and great friend. Warren has developed the necessary skills to teach without preaching, and gently steer others in the direction of service to others for the greater good. He has mastered the art of attacking opportunities with a single focus and a single purpose. I truly believe that the teaching of Warren Rustand will live on forever.

Ricky Hunley, Former NFL Player/Coach

Warren is a true friend, champion and mentor who cheers and supports you without making any uproar about it. What inspires me the most about him is his dedication to mentoring a generation of leaders to become not only better entrepreneurs but also caring family members, conscious citizens, and a whole individual. In reality, he is passionate about creating a better world. I just want to know where he gets all that energy from! He is a master at sharing an entire lifetime of experience in little nuggets of wisdom, be it in a quick friendly feedback or in an entire program on advanced leadership. He is a living Yoda that everybody needs in their lives!

Shailee Basnet, Coordinator-Seven Summits Women Team (world’s first female group to scale the 7 Summits), Speaker, Stand-up Comic

No man other than my own father has had a greater impact on my life than Warren Rustand. I have had the great pleasure of spending time with Warren and hearing him speak to these Principles and Values many times, but more importantly, I have watched him live them with authenticity.

Steve Kearley, President, Benson Kearley IFG

We all have a leader within us that has the potential to achieve our highest purpose. Warren’s inspiration and guidance empowered me to discover mine: To guide leaders to discover their purpose so that they can make a difference in the world. Now, more than ever, our world depends on it.

Winnie Hart, Author, Speaker, Board Director, Founder of TwinEngine

Trust and respect are central to effective leadership and there is no more trustworthy advisor on the topic than Warren Rustand. He offers practical advice that is immediately actionable – advice that has transformed my leadership, my business, my relationships and my purpose in making the world a better place.

Marsha Ralls Hershman, CEO of The Phoenix Wellness Retreat, Author of Rising from the Ashes, EO Member

In today’s geopolitical and business eco-systems, leading with Clarity of Vision, Certainty of Intent, and a set of Values are sorely missing traits. Many of us have encouraged Warren to document his principles of leadership because we have been blessed with his mentorship. Warren’s foundational principles of leadership and application are living philosophies in Warren’s life, not pop fiction or academic in nature. Honed by his many successful years in executive leadership, these principles have proven to be effective in many different situations and scenarios. His businesses followed them, his family believes them, and Warren lives them.

Robert Samuelsen, CFO

Warren’s timeless wisdom on leadership is not just about business but can be applied to every area of life. Since working with Warren and following his formula for success, my business has doubled in size and value, my relationship with my family and friends are deeper and more authentic, and my own personal health has never been better. I could say that I wish I had met Warren years ago. But, as the saying goes, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Warren is that teacher for me. And I truly believe his model for leadership model is one that is sorely needed in the world now.

Steve Satterwhite, CEO, Entelligence